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Type 35 HP (25.9 kW), 2800 RPM, 3 Cylinders, Coolant cooled with overflow reservoir, Naturally Aspirated      
Air - Filter Dry type, Dual element      
Clutch Single      
Gear Box 8 Forward + 8 Reverse Sync Reverser / Collar Reverser      
Speeds Forward 1.90 - 22.70 km/h, Reverse 1.70 - 23.70


35 HP, 2800 RPM

John Deere 3036E is a light weight 35 HP Puddling Special tractor. It is equipped with advance technology and a powerful engine which delivers exceptional performance and power in tough and rugged paddy/rice field applications.



Look Out For:

  • Sharp turning radius of 2.6 m with brakes and 2.8 m without brakes
  • Powerful Dual PTO enables the operator to efficiently handle heavy as well as light applications
  • Oil immersed disc brakes for higher safety and less maintenance