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Trem IV Engine

Advance & powerful 100 hp Trem IV electronic engine with HPCR (High pressure common rail) technology which provides optimum power to harvest the crops in adverse field conditions also.

HPCR electronic engine enhances machine performance, optimizes fuel consumption, provides advanced diagnostic capabilities and quiter operations . This HPCR engine is economical, reliable and durable which reduces emissions, W70 Tram-IV engine is equipped with- ECU, Cooled EGR, DOC, HPCR and SCR (Selective catalytic reduction) Power bulge helps in harvesting of moist & lodged crops or during sudden overloads. (Such an overload may occur when clumps of moist material suddenly enter the threshing system causing higher, short duration overloads).

The isochronous governing feature allowing the engine speed to remain fairly consistent and stable irrespective of the load and thus enabling the functional speed of various systems such as threshing, separating leaning etc. to run at best optimum speed for better efficiencies.

New fascia

  • International Styling & looks.
  • 4 Work lamps provide superb illumination for night working

Synchromesh Transmissiom

Synchromesh gear box with 4 forwards & 2 reverse gears offers easy gear shifting, quiter operations and longer life of gear box.

Grain Harvesting

W-70 Synchrosmart combine harvester Powerpro

John Deere W-70 Synchrosmart Combine Harvester Powerpro is a powerful, yet light weight 100HP compact harvester! It is swift and can work efficiently in wet and small fields. Due to its ergonomic dimensions it can easily enter where other harvesters cannot.



  • Compact design helps in crossing through narrow lanes
  • Saves fuel due to light wight and offers high productivity
  • Suitable for harvesting of  Paddy, Wheat, Corn, Soyabean, Mustard, chickpea, Millets, Pulses, Sunflower,Safflower, Flaxseed