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Specially designed shank


  • Combination of curved and straight shapes reduce load on the tractor.

High quality steel alloy


  • Shoe and shovel are made of high quality steel, results in less wear & tear.


Dual hitch points


  • Specially designed hitch geometry provides two adjustable points for depth adjustments.

Heavy duty mainframe


  • Specially designed frame for heavy duty applications and high durability.


Subsoiler 1 to 3 tines

GreenSystem Subsoiler is an efficient tractor implement for Primary tillage application. It breaks the hard pan of the soil with immense ease. It is best suited for crops of Sugarcane, Cotton, Oilseeds and Pulses. This farm equipment works best in medium and hard type of soil.



Look Out For :

  • Minimal wear and tear
  • Achieves depth of upto 15-20"
  • Higher quality and durability
  • Suitable Model Range : 50 to 74 HP