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Hopper Capacity 350      
No. of Spreading Disc 1      
Type of Gearbox Single speed      
PTO RPM 540      
Working Width, m 12-14 m      
Recommended Tractor HP 35-40      
Total Width (W)/Dia. of Hopper, mm 1198      
Height of Hopper, mm 830      
Total Length, mm 1198      
Total Height, mm 1140      
Total Weight, Kg 62

Fertilizer Broadcaster

GreenSystem Fertilizer Broadcaster has been specially developed for crop care.It assists, in replenishing the soil with nutrients by evenly spreading fertilizers. This tractor implement is best suited for crops of Wheat, Corn, Millets, Potatoes, Sugarcane and other vegetables. It is compatible with all types of soils.

Look Out For :

  • Optimum utilization of fertilizer
  • Regulatory Lever that assists in regulating different delivery rates
  • Spreading Disc with spreading Vanes at Optimum Clearance
  • Suitable Model Range : 35 to 40 HP