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No. of Rows 4 Row Configurations      
Suitable Tractor Model 50 HP to 75 HP      
Row Spacing 45 cm to 85 cm, Adjustable      
Distance between Two Seeds 3 cm to 45 cm, Adjustable      
Primary Crops Cotton, Corn, Soybean      
Planting Speed 6 to 8 km/hr      
Tractor PTO 540 RPM      
Weight of Machine 550 kg      
Width of Machine 3.25 meter      
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity (L) 200 x 2      
Seed Hopper Capacity (L) 34 x 2

Multi crop Vacuum Planter

GreenSystem Multi-crop Vacuum Planter assists in Sowing and Planting. It provides high accuracy in the sowing of multiple crops like Cotton, Corn, Soybean and Grains. This farm equipment is suitable for all types of soils.

Look Out For :

  • High rate of germination of seeds
  • Low expenses on maintenance
  • Minimal wastage of seeds