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Safety Cover


Better Environment Working

High Quality Bearing


Longer Life, Lesser Maintenance

Compact Bale Size


Twine Baling till edge, Easy handling, Consistence in Bale weight

Self-Cleaning & Lubrication system


Low maintenance & Longer Chain Life

Agri Rib Tire


Can work in all field condition and improves the floatation

Compact Round Baler

GreenSystem Compact Round Baler offers the perfect solution for managing the Paddy Crop residue. It enables farmers to Bale, handle, transport and store the straw. It has been developed and designed specially for John Deere 5000 Series Tractors.



Look Out For :

  • Eases the labour intensive and tedious job of straw management
  • Perfect solution to lower the increased pollution and soil profile damage due to straw burning
  • Low Maintenance Cost and Enhanced Machine Life